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TOMARROW BELONGS TO US [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 May 2005|08:45pm]
We still havent played d-beat....probly never will. The fucking end.
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[08 Dec 2004|07:05pm]
OK!!! Heres the situation: Its Kalviins birthday next week, and all you girls need to get over to where ever he is and fucking let him know how happy you are its his birthday!!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! FUCK HIM!!!! Fuck it, you can even take him into my closet if you want, I wont be there! Just fuck him, slob him, do whatever to him...just make sure you're doing something to him!!!!!! FUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sick of life [16 Nov 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | suicidal ]

Sick of people - no ones real
Sick of chicks - they're all bitches
Sick of you - you're too hip
Sick of life - it sucks

Suicide's an alternative

Sick of trying - what's the point
Sick of talking - no one listens
Sick of listening - it's all lies
Sick of thinking - just end up confused
Sick of moving - never get no where
Sick of myself - don't wanna live
Sick and tired - and no one cares
Sick of life - it sucks

Sick of politics - for the rich
Sick of power - only oppresses
Sick of government - full of tyrants
Sick of school - total brainwash
Sick of music - top 40 sucks
Sick of myself - don't wanna live
Sick and tired - and no one cares
Sick of life - it sucks

Suicide's an alternative

Sick of life - it sucks
Sick and tired - and no one cares
Sick of myself - don't wanna live
Sick of living - I'm gonna die

also sick of one of my best friends(one of 2 best of the best) treating my like a total dick when they are drunk...."being drunk doesnt give you a liscence to be an asshole"

its time to die

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[13 Nov 2004|08:08pm]
We need to fuckin practice. We need to get our shit together. We need to get rid of Bush. We need to skate more. We need to realize whats important. We need to play d-beat. We need to get outta here. I need to die.
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[03 Nov 2004|12:45pm]
In these darkest hours anything must be done, to rid the butcher in power.
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NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN [02 Nov 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

There is no scene in Vermont. There are bands, but not a scene. There are people who try to make the scene happen, and I applaud them, but its never going to happen. At least in our area of Vermont. There will probably be one show this entire winter in Rutland, and all the bands playing it are not anything of most peoples interest. As for now, I will not be in a band in Vermont either. Deathpact got our original sound from the very wide variety of musical tastes/interests between the members of the band, and that is the very thing that is pulling us apart. I dont wanna call it a waste of my time at the moment, but when you work so hard for something, just to all disagree on it, and not make any progress, it gets old. If we were able to play more shows with a variety of bands, that would be one thing, we could have something to look forward to. But at the moment, I think we are all sick of playing to the same people, and I'm sure they are sick of us playing the same songs to them. We have opportunities to write new shit, but can never agree on anything, and dont seem to have any desire to work shit out so everyone can agree on it. Everyone in the bands priorities have changed, musically or personally, and that makes for a very hard time. I really wish there was something to move on to. I really want to play/sing in a d-beat band, but there are not enough people around that could/would want to play in a band like that. I would like for things to work out in Deathpact, I think we have something going here, but I dont see that happening anytime soon. Look for maybe a last show with me(or the band who knows) but I doubt it will happen.

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Nazis and Communists [26 Oct 2004|09:11pm]
Bored as fuck. We need to play shows. We need to play dbeat. There needs to be cooler people around. I need to make more money. I need to get my car fixed. I want to move somewhere else. I want to play dbeat.

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[21 Oct 2004|12:28am]
Its fucking lame, my truck got broken into in front of my house last night and I got some cds stolen and my cd player and phone charger. I just hate the fact that I have to fucking worry about what I leave in my car now. So stupid, I fucking hate crackheads. The thing that pisses me off the most is that one of the cds was markuses..and I feel like a dick cause of that. I'm over this shit.

We need to play more shows, and Black Death needs to play them too. I dont know why Bryan is next to me with his shirt off...but its kinda wierd.

theres nothing like america
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[20 Oct 2004|11:54pm]
FUCKING BLACK DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

watch out bitches, its a raw assault that will tear your head off

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[ mood | need a girl here ]

Hammer was fucking amazing last night. Thanks to Tracy fer cooking us dinner! I almost fell asleep so many times driving home, and there were no batteries in my cd player so I couldnt listen to loud music to stay awake. I am even more broke now, but I have tons of shit to sell...so if anyone wants to buy shit(cds, guitar, snowboard clothes, me) let me know and I'll sell it to you.

Our show last Sunday was fucking lame. We need to play actual good shows with bands that are similar to us...no more of this Vermont shit. I'm kinda over it...sometimes its fun, but I hate playing to bands that are watching us just cause they want us to watch them...when they know and I know that we dont like each others bands.

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Now or Never [12 Oct 2004|12:45pm]
I'm fuckin broke. I just opened a bank account to try to save money, and if I dont have $250 in there at all times, they take money away from me..thats fucking lame, but maybe it will make me not spend at all. The new house is fun, I'm just fuckin glad theres another punk in the house, cause if there wasnt, things would just be wierd. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE PUNK GIRLS IN VERMONT. Or some cool girls from others places need to come to Vermont...or just punks in general...I dunno, theres just nobody really for me here. Whatever though, I'll stop bitching.

Aiden came down last weekend...drank almost a fifth of vodka in 20 minutes...blacked out, puked all day, then went back to canada. Crazy fucker.
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[28 Sep 2004|06:42pm]
----------------- THE BASICS------------------
-- Name: jake
-- Birthday: 8-5-85
-- Nicknames: jakenstien
-- Favorite band: discharge

-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
-- Pepsi or coke: coke of course
-- McDonald's or Burger King: NOOOO dont go there
-- Adidas or Nike: Fallen
-- Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
-- Cappuccino or coffee: gross

-----------------DO YOU------------------
-- Smoke: no
-- Cuss: occasionally
-- Take a shower everyday: very rarely
-- Have a crush(es): who doesnt
-- Who are they?:
-- Do you think you've been in love?: i thought i was once..but that was a long long time ago
-- Want to go to college: i want to take an online Finnish course, or a do-it-yourself finnish course
-- Like high school: hated it more than living on cape cod
-- Want to get married: want to find someone, but marrige is religious and religion aint no friend of mine
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: no
-- Believe in yourself: only when i'm on my snowboard
-- Get motion sickness: no
-- Think you're attractive: i'm fuckin ugly, and i've come to terms with that
-- Get along with your parents: pretty much
-- Like thunderstorms: no
-- Play an instrument: i pretend to

------------IN THE PAST MONTH HAVE YOU--------------
-- Smoke(d): no
-- Done a drug: no
-- Have Sex: i wish
-- Made Out: no
-- Gone to the mall: yea..while jordan tried to hit on the bananna republic girl
-- Eaten sushi: not since portland..and even then i only are rice
-- Been on stage: a few times
-- Gone skating: skateboarding
-- Made homemade cookies: no
-- Been in love: i dunno
-- Dyed your hair: yeah
-- Stolen anything: no

-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
-- Flown on a plane: yes
-- Missed school because it was raining?: no
-- Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: yes...it rarely goes over well
-- Cried during a movie?: no
-- Ever thought an animated character was hot?: who hasnt
-- Had an imaginary friend: yea, they're names were sid and sheena..after my two dead cats
-- Been on stage?: a lot
-- Cut your hair: yea
-- Had crush on a teacher?: this aint no van halen song
-- Gotten beaten up: yes..by three rednecks on cape cod...i want to stab them
-- Been in a fight: yes, i hate fighting unless the reason is absolutly necessary

-----------------THE FUTURE------------------
-- Age you hope to be married: never
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 0...name them
-- How do you want to die?: kill myself
-- What do you want to be when you grow up?: team manager
-- What country would you most like to visit?: finland

-----------------OPPOSITE SEX------------------
-- Best eye/hair color: black hair with blue eyes
-- Short or long hair: big hair
-- Best height: a tiny shorter than me
-- Best weight: whatever

-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: my brothers
-- Number of CDs that I own: a lot
-- Number of piercings: 0
-- Number of tattoos: 3
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: a couple..about shows, snowboarding, skate park, etc

-- Shampoo: whats that???
-- Fav Color: black
-- Day/Night: night time...unless its a nice day at the halfpipe
-- Summer/Winter: winter
-- Lace or Satin: dont know the difference
-- Fave Food: general tsos with white rice
-- Fave sports stars: flood

----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
-- Wearing: stretch, anti cimex shirt, old school rapper globe shoes
-- Thinking about: having to wake up tomarrow
-- Listening to: mortar blast

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
-- Cried: no
-- Worn jeans: yes
-- Met someone new online: yes
-- Done laundry: never
-- Drove a car: got it fixed
-- Talked on the phone: to graham fuckin bayne

----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
-- Your friends: yes
-- Santa Claus: no
-- Tooth Fairy: no
-- Destiny/Fate: what you do makes the future, not what someone said will happen
-- Angels: no such thing
-- Ghosts: are in your head
-- UFO's: there has to be, and they arent peacefull
-- God: there is no god there is no devil and if the people realize this they will be free

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
-- Do you ever wish you had another name?: i wish my name had two k's in it= jakke
-- Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: i dunno, i wish she was close tho
-- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: depends what they're doing...probly graham
-- Who have you known the longest of your friends?: markus
-- Are you close to any family member?: my brothers, my dad is cool, we talk about the old days
-- Who do you hang around the most?: markus, cal, bry, jaime, graham, kyles ass
-- What's the best feeling in the world?: hearing your name over a loud speaker after they just announced the 2nd place finisher
-- Worst Feeling?: being told its over
-- What time is it now?: 7:03
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DECONTROL DECONTROL [28 Sep 2004|06:04pm]
Its raining so fucking hard right now. I'm so bored. I need to eat something. I guess we're playin a show sometime this weekend with Retard Riot(bayne/schiff/clancys band)...that will be fucking killer, just a big party. My friend Matt made a video and is premiering it tomarrow night, I got a part in it...woohoo.

I desperatly need to find someone to hang out with...really bad. Or actually..why dont you just move here, I'd like that. I've been in a bad mood lately, as the realization of Bush being re-elected sets of. I know theres still like a month or more, but I fucking hate him, and have a strange feeling he's gonna win. If he does, the fucking world will end, I guarantee it.

So I 'ruined my moms life' today when I told her that I was never gonna have kids. The way I look at it, if the world is this fucked up now, why would I ever want to bring more people into it...just so they have to suffer more...and their kids more...and so on till everything is destroyed. I say we all just stop having kids and let the human race die off....

The other night I saw a girl I went to school with my whole life. I never liked her, at all. I remember in 5th grade, she nailed me in the head with a football...so I pushed her over and got in trouble. But then I hit her over the head with a math book in the middle of class a few weeks later and made her cry for days. But besides that...I saw her at a bar that my brothers band was playing at. Whatever...but then she and her boyfriend? husband? I dunno come up to my brother and talk to him...turns out her guy went to high school with my brother, who is like 11 years older than me. They are having a kid together...which is fucking lame cause shes like 19, and thats the end of her life...I hope she can keep going but I fuckin doubt it.
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"fuck the police hard...fuck them hardest" [22 Sep 2004|09:49am]
I'm finnnally gonna be back in vermont this week, for good. I get to start working and shit, which i really need to do.

Last weekend saw Bludwulf, fucking insane, so good. Last night I saw Skitsystem, they sounded so fucking good live, Sleeper Cell played amazing, Toxic played well, but the fact that they have a huge tough guy jock following ruined it for me. The Struggle was fun, All Those Opposed were fast as shit, Villians were good but there was nobody there yet.

Show this weekend, us, State Control, Side Affects, My Revenge, Necrobeast(maybe), Epidemic(maybe), some other bands, everyone should go and support all the other bands but not us.
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All in one.... [11 Jul 2004|12:17pm]
In one day I saw Slayer, Priest and Sabbath, lots of terrible terrible tribal tattoos, and jocks who thought it was their duty as a human to be macho tough guys and start fights with everyone who walked by. I hope I can grow up to be like that some day.

Oh yea, my car got gnarly on the way home too...gotta get that messed with now, it sucks.
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[03 Jul 2004|08:00am]
My Best Friend is crude_youth
Our 21 common interests are: abh, adicts, anti cimex, appendix, blitz, broken bones, destrucktions, destructors, discharge, gbh, germs, jerrys kids, kraut, peace, skateboarding, skeptix, state control, the enemy, uk82, varukers, void
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto
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FRIDAY JULY 2ND!! [02 Jul 2004|10:49am]
Theres a pig roast tonight in Manchester NH...sounds redneck and dumb but theres 7 bands playing, including Dead Outlaws. If you need something to do you should go. Its at the Bombshelter in Manchester New Hampshire...for more details go to www.deadoutlaws.net

Dont worry Vermont....be back so soon
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gotta get out of this place [27 Jun 2004|11:22pm]
So my car didnt pass inspection, so I have to be stuck on Cape Crap until its done getting fixed so it will pass. I'm pissed, I fukkkin hate it here. Everyone sucks and I miss everyone in Vermont. I cant get it re-inspected later than wednesday..so hopefully I'll be outta here by then.

On a better note, I've been talkin to Jared and Corey down here a bunch and it looks like we'll have some shows this summer in boston and providence.

Its my brothers birthday today and his girlfriend is hiding him away from everyone, wont let him see anyone cause she wants it to be just him and her. Fuckkkin lame....
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one up salute [24 Jun 2004|12:35am]
So I went to a party tonight in my town, originally to drop off skinhead-Mike, but I got parked in so I had to stay for a bit. I hate everyone!! It was a bunch of people there who I went to high skool with, and I remembered why I never went to skool in the first place....everyone sucks. People would ask how I'm doing, and I'd tell em, then there was some elaborate fucking response from them about how made they will have it when they get out of college, and all that other bullshit. It reminded way too much of the Dead Outlaws song, One Up Salute. It just seemed like they all thought they were better than me because their parents are paying their way threw skool. Fuck that, you are all shit, you have no individual direction, you just do whats told and leave it at that.

Heres that Dead Outlaws song...it explains best what I'm feeling right now:

"Hey man, is that you?
What you been up to?
I havent seen you since the day that we left skool.

Well first lets talk about me,
I got a white collar and college degree,
I paved my way cause I'm no fool.

Hey Jim come here I want you to meet an old friend,
Hey what was your name again?
I forgot your name but what brings you to this place?

Before you answer let me buy you a beer,
So we can catch up on our lost years,
Cause I'm treating my buddy with the nameless face.

Well to tell you the truth its been a pile of shit,
Stuck in debt and cant get out of it,
And the smile on your face makes me fucking sick.

So take your fucking beer and shove it up your ass,
Cause I'm not your friend and I have no class,
And if you dont like it than you can suck my dick.

BORING FACES everywhere I go,
BEAT UP FRIENDS that I barely fuckin know,
PLASTIC SMILES you're all full of shit,
One up salute cause I've had enough of it.

Lets cut the small talk who you tryin to impress,
I'm not some cheerleader slut in a short red dress,
Didnt give a shit then, Dont give a FUCK ABOUT YOU NOW!!

I couldn't care if you lived or died,
I wish youd slit your wrist and commit suicide,
Cause I'm gettin fuckin sick of seeing you around.

So you've got sucess and Ive got a band,
And I dont think you understand,
As much as you brag I'm just not impressed.

Cause you know what? I could CARE LESS!!
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[21 Jun 2004|10:03pm]
First date: no
First kiss: some girl in 6th grade
First break-up: lots
First job: skate shop
First screen name: horrorkid78
First self purchased album: the pist- ideas are bulletproof
First funeral: grandpa
First pets: my cat-sheena- i was 4 or 5
First piercing/tattoo: a lame tattoo on my leg
First enemy: myself
First big trip: some tour with my dad when i was first born
First play/musical/performance: some show with my mom and dad when i was little
First musician you remember hearing in your house: ramones
Last good cry: cant remember
Last library book checked out: deleted dialouges of the cia
Last movie seen: day after tomarrow
Last beverage drank: arizona fruit punch tall can
Last food consumed: white rice
Last crush: yea
Last phone call: calvin
Last tv show watched: some bike show at jaimes
Last time showered: a week or so ago
Last shoes worn: 88 shoes turned slippers
Last item bought: batteries
Last annoyance: ??
Last disappointment: falling in my run at mt hood
Last soda drank: mountain dew...gross
Last ice cream eaten: choco chip
Last time wanting to die: yesterday
Last time scolded: no
Last shirt / blouse worn: conflict shirt
Last website visited: this

In the last 24 hours have you...
01. Cried: no
02. Bought something: yeah
03. Gotten sick: no
04. Sang: discharge
05. Eaten: yes
06. Been kissed: no
07. Felt stupid: no
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but u didn’t: yes but they werent around
09. Met someone new: yes
10. Moved on: what???
11. Talked to an ex: yes
12. Missed an ex: no
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: i really wish
14. Had a serious talk: yes
15. Missed someone: yes
16. Hugged someone: yes
17. Fought with your parents: no
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: no

[ Current Clothes ] stretch pants, 88 shoes, conflict shirt
[ Current Mood ] tired
[ Current Music ] none
[ Current Taste ] rice
[ Current Make-up ] ?
[ Current Hair ] gross
[ Current Annoyance ] my cast
[ Current Smell ] cast
[ Current thing I ought to be doing ] going home
[ Current Desktop Picture ] not my computer....pee wee herman
[ Current Favorite Group ] appendix
[ Current CD in CD Player ] it got stolen
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] no
[ Current Refreshment ] confusing

[ Last person you hugged ] this japanese girl who knew about me!???? wierd huh?
[ Last person you called ] calvin
[ Last person that called you ] dont know
[ Last person you IMed ] markus
[ Last person that IMed you ] markus
[ Last person you emailed ] josh reid
[ Last person that emailed you ] shimp
[ Last time you showered ] no
[ Last time you talked to your crush or b.f/ g.f ] long long time ago
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